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Studio Marco Piva is located in the creative and multicultural heart of Milan: more of a Research Centre and Experimental Workshop than an Architecture and Design Firm. It is here that, based on the methodological study of forms, materials and technologies, Marco Piva and his multidisciplinary design teams conceive and develop different scale projects for
Interview to Francesco Sani "THE BESPOKE LUXURY IN THE CHINESE MARKET" Francesco Sani is the founder and CEO of the SANI + partners architecture and design studio with its headquarter in the pro-vince of Florence and operational offices in Hong Kong, Shan-ghai and Kampala. Francesco Sani, born in 1978, is graduated in Architecture at the
Interview to Karina Amiramov "DRESS FOR SUCCESS" HOW TO CREATE A WINNING IMPRESSION IN 7 SECOND Karina Amiramov is an entrepreneur, a fashion expert with over 15 years of experience in the Fashion Industry, and the creator of the “Dress For Success” method. Her method gives the tools to create a winning impression in 7