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The luxury project The luxury project is an experience that involves multiple disciplines: the creativity of the architect and interior designer, the beauty of finishes and materials, and the ingenuity of technical solutions combine to create an environment that reflects the client's soul. The creative process is much more than a simple professional activity, but
Interview to Raffaella Tedeschi "THE COLOUR OF YOUR EMOTIONS" The art of decorating is the art of telling a story through colours, surfaces, forms and textures. A story made of visual harmonies, where the desires of the client are in perfect balance with the pre-existing space. This is what decorating means for me. I am
Interview to Francesco Sani "THE BESPOKE LUXURY IN THE CHINESE MARKET" Francesco Sani is the founder and CEO of the SANI + partners architecture and design studio with its headquarter in the pro-vince of Florence and operational offices in Hong Kong, Shan-ghai and Kampala. Francesco Sani, born in 1978, is graduated in Architecture at the