Euro Lamp Art, in Florence, has been involved in the production of lighting items since 1975. The company produces chandeliers, appliques, floor lamps, table lamps and ceiling lights for all environments, together with contemporary furnishing accessories, passing through the Decò, the Baroque, the Rococò, according to tastes and needs: tables, chairs, wrought iron mirrors, all productions are decorated exclusively by hand in an exclusive way often enriched with Swarovski® crystals, Bohemia and Murano glass in different colors available which exert a particular charm giving the maximum splendor to any environment.
What usually surprises you when you get in touch with realities as Eurolampart is the strong artistic and handcrafted tradition that In Italy is still alive, nourished by professionalism, manual skills and traditions but still able to keep up to date and always looking for new paths.
The reason behind a successful product is always a Master figure, at the same time creator and executor who, with the valuable support of a team selected and consolidated over time, thinks, chooses, models and assembles materials and shapes, giving life to an object that is “unique” in its definition.
Mario Scelfo is one of these masters and he started creating surprising collections more than 50 years ago. However, according to the most noble tradition of the Florentine workshops of art, each master chooses a pupil to whom hand his knowledge down. That is why Laura, the daughter, has become the sole heir of her father’s mastery, actively giving technical and formal contributes too.
Behind each Eurolampart creation, there is a great passion and “profession”, there are non-transferable skills which are the result of family stories and not just of a catalogue creation process.
It’s surely the forging capability along with the increasing desire to experiment and, sometimes, risk to mix materials with different textures and sensitivity. And the lighting items are created along with furniture accessories all in wrought iron and exclusively handmade decorated, most of the time enriched by precious crystals and glass from Murano. If the floral shape seems to be the authentic theme, the archetype of Eurolampart, new shapes and figures come out on a daily basis. New materials are combined, from Swarovsky crystals to porcelains, from leather to costume jewellery.
The secret behind Eurolampart, an ancient and dynamic manufacturing company, is the real time capability of complying with the market needs, providing well-finished customized products always respecting international standards of quality.
As a matter of fact, all of Eurolampart products are CE certified for the European market and UL certified for the USA one. Eurolampart products are recognized as Italian excellence in all the world homes, hotels, restaurants and meeting points, collecting agreements and eulogies from international trade shows and exhibitions.