Eco Contract + Eco Design is a busi-ness which has always been committed to proposing environmentally friendly products. Our industries boast the strictest environmental international cer-tifications, guaranteeing our customers quality, exclusivity and ecological well being, also for human health, inside living areas. We also firmly believe that a modern business is responsible for active commitment, contributing with its work to safeguarding the resources of our planet for future generations.
An example of this can be seen in our carpet and rug collections which are made from ECONYL® regenerated and regenerable yarns. ECONYL® regenerated nylon is made recovering nylon waste – such as fishing nets from the sea – and turning it into virgin quality nylon yarn. Besides, for our textile floors, we use the ÆGIS Microbe Shield technology which provides effective microbe elimination, and guarantees a long-lasting barrier against microbes deve-loping again on the treated surface.
Also, our wooden floors come from sustainably grown forests: every product is certified 100% according to the FSC or PEF standards.
Our company tries to get top value out of the features and potential of our products, always looking towards innovation.
In fact, we are proposing the world of ceramics with a new material, MDi (Mineral, Design, Innovation), a true revolution for the world of architecture and interior design. Taking nature as our source of inspiration, selecting the best minerals and thanks to an innovative production process, we have obtained a sustainable product which does not destroy the environment to find the perfect design, but simply creates it.
Our showrooms – eight altogether around Italy – have been designed as workshops/ateliers at the service of architects to help them plan hotels, offices, retail shops, ships, yachts and residential buildings. So, with great flexibility, we are able to provide ad hoc solutions and products tailored to our clients, together with the endless range of standard products we handle.