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Carlo Rampazzi, architect and designer, has never been too interested in fifty shades of gray. “Yes, I'm talking about that ubiquitous gray in homes that you see everywhere in interiors magazines today,” he says. “It's a color that I use very little. There is such a variety of nuances in the world that it seems crazy to all start chasing
Being able to describe our own world and decipher what distinguishes us and makes us unique. Why we have to accept to homologate us to all the others? Why can't we tell our story? It is necessary to devote our efforts to creating something unique, which is intended only for us and is able to belong to us completely The Fidelio world
Obsydian specializes in the processing of semi-precious stones to create precious architectural details, the original obsydian stones are inserted in furnishing or design projects, creating a perfect combination with other materials and increasing their overall value. The OBSYDIAN brand guarantees that all its materials are selected and identified, through strict schemes so as to allow procurement from the purest and rarest batches in the world. The
"I was looking for a green capable of infusing me with optimism and serenity, and I found it. It is a color that did not exist before and, above all, had never been used for a car that was already born deluxe, but which now - thanks to color - has become unique ". Well ahead of current times, which identified the
THE PERCEPTION OF LUXURY There are projects where the sensation of luxury and refinement need to be immediate, there are spaces that must immediately communicate the value of the objects they exhibit, such as refined jewelery boxes. This is the case of the Botique Ferragamo in Rome, where the marble surfaces embellish the rooms with their natural nuances and spectacular reflections. The floor
OUR MISSION Our ambition is to create items and upholstered furnishings of absolute quality following a vocation engrained in our territory, a land which has always given origin to excellent craftsmanship in the art of upholstery. BEAUTY GENERATES BEAUTY Tuscany has always been a source of inspiration for artists of all kinds, probably thanks to