The original Obsydian stone is, like the diamond, a rare and splendid creation of nature that only the hands of expert shape, revealing its innate beauty.
Obsydian is specialized in processing semi-precious stones to create valuable architectural details. The original Obsydian stones are inserted in furnishing or design projects, creating a perfect combination with other materials, thereby increasing their total value. Originality is guaranteed by three phases:
The first phase concerns the procu-rement of the raw material which must comply with some parameters. For example, in the case of the rough labradorite block, whose average dimensions are variable (40cm x 60cm x 30cm), some of the characteristics that are taken into consideration and analyzed are the compactness and the iridescence, that under a careful analysis of expert eyes, they can already be identified in a first phase of inspection of the block.
• The second phase includes several stages of processing, including the cutting of the rough stone into slices of different thickness which vary according to the use or detail that is going to be realize. Manual cutting is always part of this phase, which requires more precision and mastery, as it will lead to the creation of pieces of various sizes for the various assemblies.
• The third phase includes leveling or calibration, gluing and assembly. For small pieces, a smoothing is carried out on the stones, which makes the surface even more smooth, which will eventually be polished.
However, it must be considered that semiprecious stones have different physical and chemical characteristics. For example some stones like Malachite and Lapis are very soft with low hardness and this requires changes in the different working phases, while Jasper and Tiger’s Eye are, on the other hand, among the hardest materials.
It means that, in order to obtain a satisfactory final result, it’s necessary to entrust it ot the exeperienced hand of the workforce, who work them with care and obsessive attention.
One of the collaborations, which is developing the most, is with the new brand, “Fidelio”, a rising star in the world of bespoke design, the first in the world to found and identify the category of customizable luxury design.
Fidelio used some of the highly selected Obsydian materials, white mother-of-pearl and labradorite, to enhance two of his main pieces: the Table Buonanotte and the Coffe Table Espresso, making them products of extraordinary fineness and uniqueness even more.