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THE CHEST OF SECRETS Each of us has a private place, a place of the soul where we had our deepest being, where to feel at ease and in harmony with ourselves. To make this happen it is necessary to surround ourselves with objects that represent something unique for us, that truly belong to us.
The age-old culture of Persia interwo-ven with western contemporary style. The story of Sahrai crosses places and spaces to formulate a new definition of “heritage”. To enclose centuries of tradition in a veil of a few square meters. To weave, in an average density of a million knots per square meter, a pathway of cultural
FLEXIBILITY, DIVERSIFIED CLIENTELE Competence, specialization and attention to the finest details and intricacies are the distinctive features characterizing the Ariann Comfort Dream daily work, producing for a market segment which relies on quality as being the hallmark of its products. NATURALE ETHICS A few simple concepts summarise ACD's way of operating and its corporate philosophy,
Euro Lamp Art, in Florence, has been involved in the production of lighting items since 1975. The company produces chandeliers, appliques, floor lamps, table lamps and ceiling lights for all environments, together with contemporary furnishing accessories, passing through the Decò, the Baroque, the Rococò, according to tastes and needs: tables, chairs, wrought iron mirrors, all
Eco Contract + Eco Design is a busi-ness which has always been committed to proposing environmentally friendly products. Our industries boast the strictest environmental international cer-tifications, guaranteeing our customers quality, exclusivity and ecological well being, also for human health, inside living areas. We also firmly believe that a modern business is responsible for active commitment,
A vibrant and unexpected presence in Piazza Duca d'Aosta, where the ancient dialogues with the contemporary, flanking the pristine modernity of the Pirelli Palace with discreet elegance, presenting itself without fear to the city, here is the new Excelsior Hotel Gallia, a building that tells a changing Milan. Since 1932, the year of its inauguration,