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The fine line between tradition and elegance FAMILY PASSION Salda is not just the story of a company, but it's the story of a family - the Besana family that has made passion its raison d'être, quality a value, and manufacturing experience a true heritage to be preserved. Salda was founded in the early 19th
Unique pieces with your own combination Fidelio offers the thrill of experiencing the creation of one's own product by defining every detail, allowing us to choose the exact combination that represents us and tells something about ourselves. Uniqueness is the added value that is sought after, to ensure that the objects around us represent something
Designing water, designing wellness Gessi is a family history, born in 1992 from the genius of its founders Umberto Gessi and his son Gian Luca, who believed in the mission of offering substantial private well-being through products resulting from an important technological innovation with an iconic style. In recent years, Gian Luca's sons Nicolò and
Think the Design, Design the Thinking Print 4 was founded in 1973 in Milan. We are an Italian Company specialized in "Textile Wallcoverings" production. Print 4's philosophy has not changed in the years. The constant wish to improve the quality of our products and as well our desire to offer a complete, fast and efficient
The magic of colours If you ever imagine yourself in a fairytale like for example the home of a prince, of a king or a queen, or of an extraordinary person, there you will find furniture manufactured by Caspani Home, that is for sure. Dreams come true with Caspani Home which designs and creates unique
Beauty at the service of technology There is a time that belongs to all of us, that we keep in our deepest memories and from which we have inherited the archetypal perfection. A dimension of the intellect from which we inspire our ideals of purity and a remote time that forged rare materials, icons of