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THE PERFECT HOUSE Housing model that presented is inspired in the nature, and it imitates the proper functioning and the shape of some living beings, that thanks to the evolution have been able to adapt themselves to the environment of a most ecient way and survive on our planet. It is designed applying the golden
A journey into the earthly paradise that given origin to mankind. This combination explores and mixes exotic and urban luxury atmospheres. Refined environments leave room for notes with a jungle flavor, always embellished with warm gold details. The jungle green lacquering, supported by the presence of plants, recall the green marble back wall, giving the
ON House Milano is a modern and contemporary 1,200sqm stage in the center of Milan. Each space is different and combines contemporary design, style and technology. An alchemy made of passion, dreams and experiences. Crossing the ONhouse threshold, the city noise is left behind, giving us an immersive experience. all the senses are involved starting
K-over is an exclusive product for exclusives customers. Our covers are the perfect solution to keep cold your precious bottles of wine and champagne without losing attention to style. It is a completely new product and its value is enriched by the possibility of full customization. Our desire is to create an object that perfectly
FUDA MARBLE COLLECTION BY ATELIER DSESIGN LAB Fuda is an Italian company specialized in marble and stone founded in 1961 by Antonio Fuda on his return from Australia. The headquarter is located in Siderno (RC), in the south of the Italian peninsula, while the sales office is located in Milan, in the famous residential district
THE WORLD OF ARCHITECTURAL DETAILS IN OBSYDIAN STONE Obsydian specializes in the processing of semi-precious stones to create unique architectural details, the original Obsydian stones are inserted in furnishing or design projects, creating a perfect union with the other materials and increasing their overall value. The OBSYDIAN brand guarantees that all our materials are selected