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INDEX Dubai is a pivotal event for the interior design and furniture sectors, bringing together the most influential architects, designers, and manufacturers from around the world. The fair offers a unique platform for networking, discovering the latest trends, and purchasing high-quality products. In the 2024 edition, we have also decided to participate by showing the
There is a secret universe, in which all the realities capable of creating something exclusive OnlyOne is a key to accessing this threshold of uniqueness, embracing with periodic publications and transversal, the themes of art and lifestyle design, with the common characteristic of oneoff or limited series productions. With extreme pride we can say that we are
What description would you be willing to attribute to the concept of luxury. This word is often associated with ideas of opulence and ostentation. In the collective imagination, luxury is represented by conformation to canon sand minimum requirements, so rigid as to render us incapable of distinguishing one from the other. Today everything is reachable, even at the highest levels;
In this special feature of OnlyOne we’ll talk about a love story. What is the meaning of a love story within one publishing that deals with bespoke luxury in design and lifestyle? When we fall in love, all the world looks brighter, we are pervaded by new energy, we see and accentuate the positive side