Obsydian stone and the armony of materials | Only One Group

Obsydian specializes in the processing of semi-precious stones to create precious architectural details, the original obsydian stones are inserted in furnishing or design projects, creating a perfect combination with other materials and increasing their overall value.
The OBSYDIAN brand guarantees that all its materials are selected and identified, through strict schemes so as to allow procurement from the purest and rarest batches in the world.
The originality of Obsydian stones is given not only by the procurement methodology of the raw material but above all by the craftsmanship with which it is transformed into Obsydian detail, which is treated in an almost maniacal way with a wealth of details.
Only the most expert workers can guarantee the realization according to the standards required to become the original obsydian stone our workmanship that is handed down as a secret recipe of mastery in mastery, with dedication and passion.
The hard stone inserts can be set on doors and vertical or horizontal supports of any kind. The manufacturing process allows the stone to be applied to any rigid base, be it wood, metal or stone based. Semi-precious stones can also be applied on masonry surfaces, creating design geometries and elegant combinations of different materials.
It can also be used as an insert on knobs, handles, taps, push- button panels and switchesor in the form of rods, cabochons, rounded surfaces.
The ability to always have a harmonious finished product with a high level of finishes is to be considered an advantage of craftsmanship.

We are carrying out two design ideas, one carried out by the internal style and development department and one in collaboration with Joe Gentile and Fabio Crippa’s Atelier Design Lab.

The coffee tables developed by the Obsydian style department are the first products in which it was decided to integrate another precious and appreciated material all over the world: natural mother-of-pearl, even with this case of wanting to use a raw material of the highest quality combined with a casual workmanship that integrates well with our stones.