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Interview to Paola Benegas, Benegas Management & productions

“La fabbrica della bellezza”

The Benegas Management & Productions agency was born in Milan from the idea of Paola Benegas, a former Argentine model, but an Italian by adoption known in the sector as “ she who discovers talents ”, is among the longest-lived Italian agencies in the management sector & celebrity. For over 20 years the agency’s peculiarity has been enclosed in the ” Dynamic Mix ” philosophy.

Paola Benegas and her team, in fact, work at the same time on several projects at the same time of different nature and with focus in the areas:

  • TV  and cinema
  • Digital and influencer marketing
  • Fashion and ADV campaigns
  • Shooting and production
  • Events

Thanks to this philosophy, the management activity carried out in favor of talents can be considered in its entirety at 360 ° covering all aspects of the world of entertainment.

A constant research supported by intense global scouter network, he gives us the opportunity to offer our loyal customers, new faces from all over the world and beyond never disappointing expectations.

Benegas Management is a known reality in the fashion sector for more than 20 years not only thanks to the beauty of the models but above all for the constant search for attitude, personality, determination and following a philosophy based on “healthy models ”which makes them suitable for campaigns commercial advertising, commercials advertising worldwide and in the show world.

Our goal is to find new talents and help them grow by accompanying them in their professional growth.

The team within the agency takes care to spur the talent ad a path of growth and professionalism, protecting the artists at every step of theirs path through the network of various social media with the aim of transforming the passions of individuals in a successful career.

It is of fundamental importance for a campaign to be created success, being able to find the right profile that match perfectly the philosophy that a brand wants to communicate.
Every day we look for new customers and new talent by offering them a consultancy service aimed at increasing brand awareness, nationally and globally, through a dynamic dialogue between influencer and audience that allows us to make followers feel same part of the brand with which they interact.

Benegas mngt is a highly appreciated reality on the national territory thanks to the activities carried out in the television and cinema sector.
We have a very large network of contacts, with numerous productions television and directors.

From the small to the big screen, there are many recognized Benegas artists as known faces. Our rich portfolio ranges between characters television, celebrities and actors.
Talent Management activities include a constant search for formats suitable for our different profiles giving possibility for new faces to make their way into the world of show, as well as within Radio programs, becoming Protagonists.