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Sartoria dell’Orso is the result of a friendship, of the desire to grow together, to innovate and maintain at the same time the tradition of the tailored suit.

Its’ roots are in the heart of Brera, Milan’s artistic district, where history, culture and architecture blend perfectly. It is the charming atmosphere of the neighborhood that inspires the philosophy of Sartoria Dell´Orso, linked to tradition but projected into the future.

Quality, elegance and strict Made in Italy are the founding principles of the Atelier, but those through which it intends to develop are freshness, innovation and curiosity.

The customer’s wishes are the driving force, the fulcrum of the tailor’s shop and the source of inspiration for the tailor himself, the goal is to change together with the customers, to amaze them and make them more and more satisfied, dress after dress.

Sartoria dell’Orso boasts a long tradition in making made-to-measure garments – from the most classic and traditional to the most innovative and imaginative. The customer is offered a complete and complete service for every type of need and request: complete suits, jackets, overcoats, coats, shirts, trousers, vests, ties.

Sartoria Dell’Orso is born from the passion for the sartorial tradition of its founders, as well as from their young and ambitious spirit that leads them to seek quality and innovation. The work skills within the atelier are as numerous and complementary as are the personalities of the four partners.

Jonas grew up in his father’s tailoring and cutting and sewing have always belonged to him. Great lover of beauty, he involves and influences everyone around him. He will be able to advise and direct customers towards choosing the perfect garment for each of them.

Matteo, a graduate in Economics and with experience in business consulting and marketing. With his enthusiasm and his ambition, he is constantly trying to change the proximity to the customer with the growth and innovation of Sartoria Dell´Orso. His outgoing personality makes him skilled in understanding others’ desires.

Paolo, also an esthete with strong tastes, with his organizational skills and his stubbornness, instills concreteness and organization for the group.

Lorenzo, a doctor who has always been passionate about art and beauty, thanks to his wisdom he coordinates the group, teaching his younger members the importance of knowing how to put themselves on the line. A lover of elegance and simplicity, she has always had the charm of sartorial art.

Elio, Master Tailor of Campania origin with over 50 years of experience in the most important Italian tailors, has always been involved in the creation of garments entirely hand-sewn.

The prêt-à-porter line of Sartoria dell’Orso includes garments that have been prepared starting from models designed by our stylists and packaged in our laboratories based on standard sizes. The garments, always made with high quality fabrics, are ready to be delivered, possibly after a last adaptation on the customer’s lines.

The tailored line includes garments completely customizable according to the customer’s taste: we will be able to assist you and eventually advise you in choosing the best fabric and its fantasies, textures, buttons, lapels and lining style. Tailored garments are made by expert tailors with machine stitching and hand finishing. The tailor-made world of Sartoria dell’Orso includes shirts, jackets and trousers, dresses, coats, overcoats.

The bespoke line also includes garments that are completely customized in every detail, but made entirely by hand by master tailors, who literally mold the desired garment around the figure of the client. Two tests are typically required during the processing of each garment, so as to ensure that it follows and adapts perfectly to the lines of the client’s body, as in a soft embrace. At Sartoria dell’Orso it is possible to make dresses, coats, jackets and bespoke trousers.

The search in the perfection of the fabric with which to package our garments is almost an obsession on our part. To this end, we offer our customers a vast selection of high quality fabrics and raw materials, made by the most prestigious Italian wool and cotton mills, Ariston, Caccioppoli, Loro Piana, Reda, Zegna, Albini, Canclini, Tosetti and many others.