FUDA: The art of marbe | Only One Group

Fuda is an Italian family owned company specialized in marble and stones. It has always created diversified, elaborate works, as well as tailor-made projects, in the sectors of architecture, design and fashion.

Fuda has a Technical Department for customers and a Research and Development Centre staffed by professionals with extensive experience in design and architectural creation. Our staff is able to meet our customers’ needs quickly, easily and effectively. Moreover, the Contract Division, FDC Fuda Division Contract Srl, operates in the sectors of retail, hotels, corporate and luxury flats.

Fuda is specialized in manufacturing unique pieces and not in mass production, in order to offer prestigious and always new locations, both for inner and for exterior spaces, where marble has an important role for claddings and structural elements, thanks to the high production capability and the cure for the details.

For centuries marble has been the symbol of the evolvement of man’s arts.From sculptures to architecture, from the Hellenic Period to Ancient Rome, and the Renaissance, a period in which such material accompanied the most important artists in history.

It is in Italy that it has found the utmost artistic expression, that are precious and unique. Fuda has been an evolutionary of the marble ateliers for many generations with great craftsmanship, marble and stones are selected and manufactured.

During the last years, the architectural and the design world experienced significant growth. It is for this reason that the expertise regarding the processing of this precious material is important to acquire new business and markets. Fuda is indeed at the forefront, from research, to the processings, to a “tailor-made” service which offers top-quality projects all over the world. It is a modern Company that works side by side with artists and architects, from the planning phase until the manufacturing phase.

Fuda is attracting even more sophisticated clients who seek exclusive and modern products. A new luxury which places in a historical period of great socio-cultural changes, considered as post-industrial design, handmade products made by a poetical design referred to a reassuring historical memory, different typologies of furniture but renewed, refined and unique materials which are precisely finished, refined finishes and processings coming from different applied arts.

Fuda is placed in this scenario as witness of the top-quality made in Italy, summarizing the features of the historical Art’s Atelier which was the history of the creative culture.

All the needs and the particular tastes for both internal and external spaces are met by creating particular objects of any kind and style, classic and modern, simple and delicate or highly decorative. It allows the client to have and create customized projects.

The Company has a panel of professionals who follow the projects from the beginning, taking care of the details from the consultancy stage; this allows control over all the phases, starting from the planning phase, certifications and attendance until the installation phase.

The most appropriate solutions can be suggested to the clients thanks to the knowledge of the technical, chemical, physical and aesthetic characteristics of the materials used in the projects. It is important to achieve the aesthetics results desired.