The fashionable marble appeal | Only One Group

There are projects where the sensation of luxury and refinement need to be immediate, there are spaces that must immediately communicate the value of the objects they exhibit, such as refined jewelery boxes.
This is the case of the Botique Ferragamo in Rome, where the marble surfaces embellish the rooms with their natural nuances and spectacular reflections.
The floor is an Italian herringbone spine, reproduced in hazelnut travertine marble. The glossy and homogeneous effect of the flooring has an elegant and warm nuance, thanks to the reflections and the texture of the laying it gives richness to the whole environment.

The customer’s attention is captured towards the exhibition areas, surrounded by a portal with marble pilasters that emphasize and keep the eye on the products.

The stair body stands as a particular element, which has the will to amaze. Its perfect balance is striking between the solidity attributed to the marble and the lightness of the structure, cantilevered in an almost suspended, ethereal instant, which leaves the visitor in a state of subdued contemplation.
The cladding of the steps is entirely in walnut travertine, expertly sewn with a box effect with lightened materials and 45° cuts.
In the lower part of the led cuts illuminate the surrounding environment, while the glass railing with its subtle transparency manages to cut the marble step into a clean and refined detail.
The single products are highlighted on triumphal podiums, as ancient divinities claim their importance by elegantly leaning on metal risers and solid Etruscan yellow marble.