The age-old culture of Persia interwo-ven with western contemporary style. The story of Sahrai crosses places and spaces to formulate a new definition of “heritage”.
To enclose centuries of tradition in a veil of a few square meters. To weave, in an average density of a million knots per square meter, a pathway of cultural con-taminations and shadings. In over 200 years of history, Sahrai has perfected and refined this particular attitude, which in time has shaped and defined its identity. To create modern exclusive rugs woven with the refinement of contemporary interior design in the West: this is our mantra.
Using the experience and knowledge of the finest techniques and textures, the Sahrai Design Studio, under the guidance of Rana & Ramine Sahrai, combine traditional elements with new styles, adapting to textures, dimensions, shapes and color com-binations. Each Rug is the result of a meticulous production process, entirely executed in the Sahrai Ateliers by Master Craftsmen. The making of a piece is completed in more than a hundred stages, from the material selection to the finishing process adding to the exclusiveness of the Sahrai Luxury Rug creations that will bring sophistication to any contemporary modern living environment.
“As citizens of the world, we have combined the know-how connected with the art of knotting carpets, originating in the Orient – where we were born– with the elegance of western interior design, where we now live, to serve the world of global in-teriors with our exclusive handmade rugs, ”says Ramine Sahrai.
So what is the western “touch” that leads to new creative developments? It is the contemporary, modern twist embodied by the new textures of the Sahrai collections. Preciousness of Persian tradition in modernity, the Parsa Collection is a true manifesto of the attention to innovation and research that has always distinguished the Brand.

Characterized by the charm of traditional Persian productions obtained through the exquisite craftsmanship and techniques used, the collection is the result of Sahrai Design Studio’s revisitation of the classic Persian patterns giving them new life with innovative designs and textures.
Artistic mastery is a constant in Sahrai’s universe, the decisive factor for excellent quality, for a brand renowned, for the number of its collections and the designers, artists and brands with whom they collaborate.
“We were born with this excellence, so it is part of our spirit, of our family roots” Rana Sahrai explains.
The collaboration with Marco Piva brings exciting, fluid and functional designs to the Sahrai Designers Selection. Entitled “Cave” collection, each creation tells a story, playing with light and colour, tone and shade.
Marco Piva’s designs are an expression of sophistication brought to life by the high quality materials, wool and silk, combined with the premium weaving techniques of the Sahrai artisans. A combination of Marco Piva’s truly breath-taking designs and Sahrai’s years of dedicated experience and expertise that bring functional art into today’s living spaces.

The Marco Piva collection is just one of the innovations that have contributed to enrich the Sahrai heritage, a legacy that is revitalized day by day, in a continuing interchange between past and present, places and people. Hence the slogan “Heri-tage Forever” that goes with the novel display concept in the new temporary showroom in Via Manzoni 38, Milan. A journey through time and space, a little magic, when travelling is difficult if not impossible. Sahrai has opened the doors of its archives, previewing a selection of its most precious treasures.