ON.House Milano: an urban oasis | Only One Group

ON House Milano is a modern and contemporary 1,200sqm stage in the center of Milan.
Each space is different and combines contemporary design, style and technology.
An alchemy made of passion, dreams and experiences.

Crossing the ONhouse threshold, the city noise is left behind, giving us an immersive experience. all the senses are involved starting from the perfume that welcomes us immediately at the entrance.

We has the feeling of being invited to a luxury private home, a space of excellence with the connotation of the living space.
The soft lights immediately help us to feel immediately comfortable, and the artwork installations on constantly evolve arouse our curiosity and affirm the home’s ability convey emotions.

Each installation, work of art and object that makes up this space tells something about itself, managing to dialogue with others in a unique symphony. All the elements included are the result of a careful selection, including exclusive and particular pieces, which make their uniqueness the distinctive feature.
The goal is to offer an unrepeatable space that knows how to amaze and give emotions those who visit it and ideas that would not find elsewhere.

Behind everything we can see, there is a technological, a refined and subtle organism, which amplifies and supports the perception of each space.
The technology is so advanced that it communicates with every element, starting from a heart, right down to the smallest application.

Every technological aspect, from music to lighting, to visual experiences; is dedicated to making every little detail unforgettable.
There are not enough and sufficient descriptions to relate this space, the unique sensations and emotions that it gives can only be experienced by visiting it.