A journey into the earthly paradise that given origin to mankind.
This combination explores and mixes exotic and urban luxury atmospheres.

Refined environments leave room for notes with a jungle flavor, always embellished with warm gold details.

The jungle green lacquering, supported by the presence of plants, recall the green marble back wall, giving the vibrant sensation of an uncontaminated environment and its nuances.

The floors go from the translucency of the green onyx to the multitude of colors of the precious malachite, they blend with the infinite reflections in the mirrors of the whiky houses and gold, recalling the flicker of the sun on the leaves.

Fidelio is your secret word, the access code to a world of unique and personalized objects, capable of supporting your way of life and adapting to your personality.

For the first time in the luxury sector, the customer is placed at the center, without conforming to aesthetic standards that do not belong him. Uniqueness and customization, these are the cardinal values of the first brand in the world that deals with customizable luxury.

Each object can be customized by combining all the available finishes in an alchemical composition. Each composition is a unique and personal note to which a combination will be assigned.
By combining all the finishes, up to 9 million possible variants are obtained. In more complex objects they can be up to 21 million.

Each unique object is part of ours life, accompanies us on our journey daily shaping our personality. There are 7 selected objects that do part of the Fidelio world: Sideboard, Console, Table, Big Coffe table, Small Coffe table, Vanity, Whiskey case.

All the pieces are born from a developed concept, thanks a specific know-how in the interiors of luxury yachts, in this particular propensity sector personalization is very high, every piece, every detail, every material choice, must tell the deepest part of the soul who owns them.

Each piece can be requested in “Nautical” configuration, with particular characteristics that make it fixable and usable in installations on board yachts and superyachts.

A large coffee table with an identical and suspended shape. The structure is shiny gold with jungle green lacquered interior.

The top is malachite precious stone, and can be removed to fulfill the role of tray, discovering a secret storage.

A treasure chest that encloses a world, when the doors are opened, they peel over the main structure, letting a captivating color shine through, visible only from the upper surface made of precious malachite.

Each surface of the interior is covered in gold mirror, exactly like all the metal details.
The reflections inside multiply endlessly creating a magical effect, the three accessory drawers are in green leather embellished with the sartorial detail of the stitching in tone.

An iconic and versatile shape, it can be best appreciated if positioned diagonally in space, like a brush stroke. The structure of the legs with the crossed tension is in shiny gold. The top rich in translucencies and shades is in green onyx.