Lighting, design and high quality craftmanship

Alabastro Italiano is a brand that distinguishes itself for its ability to create unique and fully customizable lighting products. Our experience in managing and implementing large-scale projects and site-specific installations has positioned the company as a reference point for the most ambitious projects, from the creation of large chandeliers to the complete planning of lighting for hotels, villas, and residences. The attention to quality and beauty, characteristics that have always identified Italian products abroad, have brought our chandeliers all over the world, from Europe to the United States, to India, Africa, and the Arabian Peninsula, demonstrating extraordinary excellence.
Our success has been founded on the passion, experience, and expertise of our founders, Riccardo and Alberto Ongarato who after years of experience in the family company specializing in design and lighting, decided to found the Alabastro Italiano brand. Each project is designed and conceived to give a strong sign of recognizability and uniqueness. The use of precious materials such as alabaster, brass, leather, and blown glass, worked by the skilled hands of our artisans, are combined to create “timeless” objects.
Our philosophy is to promote the idea of high-quality lighting design, where aesthetic research perfectly blends with functionality and energy efficiency.
From the depths of the earth to the sunlight, Alabastro Italiano takes these extremes to heart and transcends them into a creative dynamic that emphasizes simplicity and clean lines.
Alabastro Italiano has given birth to an entirely new MADE IN ITALY project, revolutionizing the existing collections with eternal and always current lighting fixtures. Designing clean and original lines, integrated with the latest technologies and in continuous innovation, Alabastro Italiano has never lost sight of its goal: perfection.
The result of this work is an extraordinary collection of alabaster. Alabaster is a material that leaves small traces of magic around it.
It is difficult to identify the exact threshold where the material ends and its reflection begins. It is impossible to understand to what extent the light sinks into its soft transparency. It changes depending on the angle at which it is positioned, according to the point of view. Alabaster is a compact stone, “rare to find” and imposes precise laws, requiring a familiarity that only Italian artisans possess. Alabaster needs the hand of man to come to life.
The charm of these stone objects derives from their uniqueness, from the fact that they are born from the hands of those who have left a mark and a memory with their work and that each vein makes each piece unique.
Alabastro Italiano collaborates with each client to create a unique project. Starting with advice on the best architectural lighting, it brings its know-how, materials, design, and creative inspiration to architects and interior designers.