In 2012 Nick Maltese founded N+M DesignStudio in collaboration with Studio Tresoldi born from the need of a heterogeneous group of young architects and interior designers, coming from different parts of Italy and from different professional paths, to merge their experiences and knowledge to carry out complete and exhaustive projects taking care of every detail, from the design to the realization.

Thanks to the creativity and desire to experiment of Nick Maltese and Emanuele Tresoldi, the attention in the research of materials and lighting and the union of the different experiences matured by each of them in the different fields of architecture, the main ingredients of a team that aims to create new architectural trends using and mixing the different languages of architecture and art history.

The core business of N + M Design-Studio ranges from design to interior design of commercial premises, such as cocktails bars, restaurants and boutiques, up to hotels and resorts, without ever neglecting the design and design of the product, as attested by participation in the Milan Furniture Fair. The dynamic design approach inspired by the principle of storytelling is the element that distinguishes N + M DesignStudio. In fact the projects created do not only speak of materials, spaces and forms, but also tell stories that can animate the architecture.

N + M Design Studio sets itself as Mission the story of the visions from which one is subjected daily. Telling “the” story is fundamental.

Hence the need to specialize in interior architecture and interior design, in order to transform the patrons and users into real protagonists of the designed spaces and containers. The studio tends to dictate RestaurantDesign trends mainly, but it also designs cocktail bars and retail spaces, discoClub and Hotellerie.

Each of our concepts is born from an artistic and historical analysis of the territory rather than the container we are preparing to design and design the interiors. 

Mostly we produce tributes to different “legends” of art and architecture, whether they are painters or just TrendSetters of a specific historical period. The bond we feel with art is fundamental for the birth of the mood to be assigned to the project, and surely our studies dedicated mostly to the classic inspire us a lot. As has happened with our latest project “OTIVM” inspired by metaphysics and the surreal neoclassical.

Located in the center of the Lombard metropolis, known for its fast and frenetic rhythms, OTIVM is born, in a space of about 400 square meters and an idea of N + M DesignStudio.

Inside a building created by Giò Ponti, the architects and designers of N + M DesignStudio find the right inspiration to create a location that revolutionizes and transforms the classic architectural standards to give life to new forms thatre call the canons of revolutionary painting. metaphysics by Giorgio De Chirico.

Through a work that mixes the principles of interior design with purely architectural ones, a location is created that is characterized by a strong theatrical and surrealist atmosphere.

The staircase leading to the mezzanine of the room is supported by an imposing neoclassical column half-painted in a burgundy color and half by midnight blue that recalls the nuances of De Chirico’s color table. Adjacent to this important column built to mark the space, there is an area dedicated to dinner shows and, in particular, to performance areas shows.

The bathrooms are sectioned into a volume that, on the mezzanine, is separated from the other areas through an opaque and striped glass from which, in view of the I see, I can see the washbasins.

The architects of N + M DesignStudio create this block separated from this fifth in glass in order to offer customers the seductive image of female silhouettes while taking advantage of the sinks.

The bar area is characterized by an open spot marble in which the features allow the glimpse of the shape of an enormous mantis, while the back of the bar takes up the block dedicated to the toilets through the use of striped glass.

And it is in this seductive and metaphysical atmosphere that additional elements fit together such as the elegant Lisa SCAB Design armchairs, the details in champagne steel, the soft lines of the roof abruptly interrupted by the large column that recalls the phallic symbolism and finally the lighting, created in collaboration with Viabizzuno, marked by 7 large chandeliers that reflect the clean lines of the arches. And it is during the after dinner that it is possible to admire how the architectural forms seem to come to life thanks to the synergy of music and light design.

OTIVM is therefore a place created to break the mold, an environment outlined by surrealist references, from physical forms that open the doors to metaphysical dimensions, from lines, colors and various elements that live and move thanks to Nick’s artistic vision and care Maltese and the architects of N+M DesignStudio.