CASA AUREA® | Only One Group

Housing model that presented is inspired in the nature, and it imitates the proper functioning and the shape of some living beings, that thanks to the evolution have been able to adapt themselves to the environment of a most ecient way and survive on our planet.

It is designed applying the golden mathematics, or also known like sacred geometry, intrinsic in the nature, where any element follows a numerical pattern and the human proportions.

The perfect housing is one that requires the minimum consumption for its proper functioning, and achieve energy savings unattainable in the most of modern housing.

A dwelling of these features protects its occupants from the pollutions and radiations outside, thus, it preserves and prepares the spaces so that in its interior they enjoys of a suitable ambient. 

CASAAUREA® reveal an ancients’ much wider concept of what exactly is ‘architecture’ and it uses such topics as science, mathematics, geometry, astronomy, astrology, medicine, meteorology, philosophy on the everyday life of citizens.

In short, according to Manolo Rueda acting, today buildings must always be: Beaty, Stable, Useful and healthy and this is exactly what is introduced here.

The constructive measures of a CASA AUREA follow a numerical pattern based on the number Phi and Egyptian royal cubit, they incorporate the Golden ratio found in nature and they are represented by a three-dimensional grid that tracks all the elements that form part of the dwelling.

This proportion and size determines the beauty and the volume of energy that penetrates and is emited by the home towards the exterior guaranteeing the creation of harmonic spaces, comfortably co-existing with nature.

To speak about vibrational energy is to speak of health, and for this reason, this new model of housing recovers a way to build almost forgotten to give added value to the current modern housing.

The dwellings that we build are unique in that they make use of optimally habitable conditions, guaranteeing correct cellular regeneration and, as such, becoming PRO-health housing.

We located and studied more than 100 hostile agents that cause the great majority of health disorders common nowadays, and we were able to eliminate many of them within only a few weeks of living in neutral environments, such as those present in our homes.

Some of the common medical conditions with which we live and of which the vast majority are reversible: respiratory disorders, stress and mood disorders, digestive problems, intolerance and allergies, headaches, anxiety, skin problems, premature aging, wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes, lack of concentration, sleep disorders, cancers and other diseases of greater importance…

Protecting and taking care of oneself is ongoing work, and that is why having a PRO-HEALTH home is an investment for the future.