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The magic of colours

If you ever imagine yourself in a fairytale like for example the home of a prince, of a king or a queen, or of an
extraordinary person, there you will find furniture manufactured by Caspani Home, that is for sure.
Dreams come true with Caspani Home which designs and creates unique pieces of luxury Italian furniture.
Caspani’s masterpieces are the essence of a lifestyle, of an emotion, of a colour, of a trip, of a dream.
Challenging time and trends, Caspani Home will bring to Your houses an unchangeable touch of art, originality, history and fashion. It is an attention turned to the customer, who remains in the center of the company philosophy.
Caspani Home was born from a deep intuition to mix innovative and revolutionary spirit of glamour contemporary style together with refinement and unquestionable posture of classic styling cues.
Synergetic and cultural exchanges with design world and with contemporary style trends as well as strong affinities with fashion and architecture are the extraordinary power of an innovative brand.
Caspani Home interprets its own style in multiethnic design tendencies blended with a variety of styles and languages that coexist with one another.
Caspani Home grasps the meaning of a new language, in which territorial identities and traditions mix with urban vitality and trends of a globalized and ever changing world.
So, when past and present come together they create collections able to coexist, where, as in life, differences
become strengths, turning style contrasts into elements of interest.
Quality at the highest level is pursued daily in great detail and it is guaranteed by a Certificate of Origin 100% made in Italy. Each Caspani Home item represents the uniqueness of customer’s decision made in the name of Beauty.
Inlay is a type of decoration which is accomplished by combining small pieces of wood or different materials of different colours. This technique consists in approaching woods, and sometimes other materials (ivory or motherpearl), cut so as to match perfectly, until obtaining a particular drawing.
The difference in colours depends on the colours of the various species, further varied according to the cut and inclination of the grain, which may change reflection of light on the surface.
Caspani Home’s successes speak for them all over the world. Caspani Home had the honor to supply furniture to private villas, luxurious hotels, embassies and government offices worldwide. Caspani Home can carry on any kind of project with constant and strict attention to details.
Caspani Home show off an expert technicians’ team ready to travel all over the world at any time to give its support.
He carries on and interprets with an innovative and revolutionary spirit the footsteps of his father Tino, forever in the heart.