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Interview to Raffaella Tedeschi


The art of decorating is the art of telling a story through colours, surfaces, forms and textures. A story made of visual harmonies, where the desires of the client are in perfect balance with the pre-existing space.
This is what decorating means for me.
I am Raffaella Tedeschi, art director of Cedea Décor. My responsibility is to deliver the highest level of craftsmanship to give shape to the full potential and beauty of a space, an interior, even an object.
I would define the mantra of Cedea Décor in these terms: “Your desires possess wisdom. Don’t be surprised, whatever you are asking me is already yours: the colours are the magic of your life, they vibrate with your inner energy, they are the true shape of art, the source of all inspiration.”
Furniture, objects and interiors each have their own, specific energy, an energy that needs to be translated to show them in their deepest most profound beauty.
Not always adding means improving. Sometimes it is sufficient to remove the excess to reach the purest aesthetic. A touch of powdery colour, a timid inlay of metal, or a grisaille with a retro feel are all that is necessary to achieve perfect harmony.
Being tasked with re-designing an interior that is impersonal and anonymous can give the courage to dare, for example, by using a deeply intense blue, a powerful red, a baroque ornament or a metaphysical trompe l’oeil.
Through tailor-made designs and details, the atmosphere of an interior becomes charged with the intensity of high artistic quality. To achieve this intensity, one cannot hold back but must go beyond the perfect to give shape to the full potential of a place, an object, a space.
Not holding back translates into meticulous research of the perfect juxtaposition of colours and composition, drawing from the ancient knowledge of the art of decorating, or using materials well beyond their typical use.
In this way one can achieve surprising and fascinating results, while still respecting the established aesthetic canons. Art is extremely powerful.
The inspiration for decorating any space – be it a private residence, a public or religious place, a cultural institution, a yacht or a private jet – MUST consider those that inhabit these spaces, in the absolute respect of the taste, the personal history, the emotional and cultural life of the client. This is the difference between a tailor-made design and one which is off the shelf and impersonal.
Talking of Cedea means talking of the many clients that have entrusted their spaces to the capable hands of professionals able to transform work in pure passion. Over many years, we have executed ambitious projects that have been real challenges; challenges that I dare say we have always overcome.
Cedea Décor is not only a space that produces art, where projects and design happen, but a philosophy of living, where creativity take shape by combining craft and poetry.