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Unique pieces with your own combination

Fidelio offers the thrill of experiencing the creation of one’s own product by defining every detail, allowing us to choose the exact combination that represents us and tells something about ourselves.
Uniqueness is the added value that is sought after, to ensure that the objects around us represent something unique and truly belong to us. Whether we are a romantic soul, a tech lover or a rock and roll enthusiast, we can always match our unique piece to our personality.
For every object – from coffee tables to consoles, from cabinets to dressing tables and tables – we can choose the combination of finishes that best represents us, up to 21 million possible options.
We can represent ourselves at our best or specifically characterize a particular project by choosing a combination of colors that adds value to the entire context in which it is inserted.
All of this is possible through a code that, like a dedicated combination, indicates the selected finishes. Each code can be declined in the various objects and used to create a line of coordinated products.
The infinite shades obtainable with the combinations of the “espresso” and “americano” coffee table are represented here, where the top becomes a tray and reveals an unexpected colored secret, a small hidden drawer that only whispered the reflections on the metallic surface of the edge. In the world of customizable luxury, the customer plays a crucial role and becomes the absolute protagonist of the project.
In this context, the carefully selected unique and personalized combination extracted directly from the mood board represents an authentic code for creating an exclusive piece.
Personalization is the distinctive feature of the brand, creating a truly unique shopping experience.
The customer has the opportunity to choose from a wide range of materials and colors to create a perfect complement that faithfully reflects their emotions.
Each piece becomes a fundamental element of the furnishings, perfectly integrated with the other elements present in the room, which also represents a testimony to the creativity and personality of the customer.
The unique and personalized combination, with its highly distinctive code, is at the heart of the essence of customizable luxury.
Fidelio represents a revolution in the world of interior design, where personalization is the main pillar of every project and where the customer is at the center of attention.