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Interview to Jamaica Salvato: Jam World

International luxury business Networking

Jam World, a reality founded by Jamaica Salvato in 2009 based in Florence in the historic Palazzo dei Pittori, one of the most prestigious and exclusive historic buildings in the city.

Tell us about Jam World…
Over time, my ability to build relationships has allowed me to conclude and consolidate collaborations with different entrepreneurial realities, promoting strategic relationships with representatives of maximum trust in various countries of the world.

What are your goals?
The goal of Jam World is to create relationships in various markets where there is a strong demand for Made in Italy products, in the sectors of interior design, fashion, food.

My mission is to offer business opportunities and to open direct channels thanks to my contacts. For many years, I have been in the communications industry dealing with the image creation of many companies.

Today, together with the collaborators team, I put my experience and my know-how at the disposal of companies that try to export their products and services in an effective, focused and safe way.

The spread of the network is the strong point: where does it develop?
The network extends from North America to Dubai, passing through Portugal, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan, India. In Africa: Morocco, Uganda, Senegal, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria, South Africa, Rwanda, Tanzania.
Project 2020 – Africa

What are the next goals?
In recent years, thanks to the continuous research of products of excellence and made-in-Italy taylor, Jam World has partnered with Italian Luxury Design, a leading company in the turnkey sector of residential and contract luxury based in Miami, Los Angeles, New York with a single vision to develop the emerging African market as early as 2020… Morocco is coming soon.

How are Afrojam works born?
My great passion is art. I think of paintings with sparkling and material textures; born from the idea of ​​combining and modeling particular materials: acrylics and plaster, gold, silver and copper leaves. The material thus combines with the shimmer of impalpable papers and glitter, creating precious works that, even if proposed in the classic pictorial form, are designed to be real contemporary design objects.

What is the link with Africa?
The canvases are also characterized by another great protagonist: Color.
An explosion of full, exuberant and rich tones that drag you into a dream. An enchanted atmosphere that expresses positive vibrations, capable of awakening feelings and emotions.