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JoNich stands for great technical knowhow, strictly specialized in the spoked wheel, with the ambition to create unique projects, such as real works of art.

Using well the weapons of talent and non-globalizable “vertical” skills, Fabio Alberio who directs it, has implemented that unique approach, typical of the hi-tech artisan laboratory, where spoked wheels for motorcycles and cars are born, intended for a market of customization fanatics at any cost.

This approach to uniqueness and excellence, oriented towards the maximum possible personalization, is constantly developed in consolidated relationships with important players in the two-wheeler and car sector, top brands such as MV Agusta, Ducati, Moto Guzzi, Ferrari, BMW.

From a strictly technical point of view, Fabio Alberio’s wheels stand out for being the first to have eliminated the need for the nipple, the bolt through which the spoke is fixed to the rim, a choice that at the same time connotes the product also on the plane aesthetic, making it unique.

Well known in that niche which is the world of the so-called “specials”; Jonich creations often equip the exhibition concepts, and are shown on the covers of sector magazines, they are often used on super exclusive models of an elite of famous people also recognized internationally, the last in order of arrival among those that can be counted is Vasco Rossi, willing to do anything to ride unique pieces of art.

The spokes can be black or silver. The painting we offer is liquid and all aluminum parts (rims and hubs) can be colored. Through the chemical process of anodizing, the coloring can be silver, black, blue, green, red, orange, purple, champagne, titanium, yellow and gold.

JoNich, by mission and desire, is always attentive to the innovations and details that can make a wheel an emotional object. A splendid collaboration with Obsydian (an important company that operates in the luxury sector. In particular, deals with furniture creations or part of them through the use of precious stones) was born, which saw us working side by side for achieve the goal of making a “wheel” a “luxury object”. thus was born the 24M9-SXDIAMOND wheel.

SX represents for JoNich what is already the top of the range, and embodies not only beauty and elegance but also technicality. Now, enriched with precious stone inserts, it becomes even more exclusive.