Obsydian specializes in the processing of semi-precious stones to create unique architectural details, the original Obsydian stones are inserted in furnishing or design projects, creating a perfect union with the other materials and increasing their overall value. The OBSYDIAN brand guarantees that all our materials are selected and identified through rigid schemes, so as to allow procurement from the most pure and rare lots in the world.

The originality of OBSYDIAN stones is given, not only by the method of procurement of raw materials, but above all by the craftsmanship with which it is transformed into OBSYDIAN detail, treated almost obsessively with an eye for detail.

Only the most skilled workers can guarantee the realization according to the standards required to become the original OBSYDIAN stone. Our workmanship has been handed down as a secret recipe of mastery in craftsmanship, with dedication and passion.

The entry, in the world of details of OBSYDIAN stone, allows you to enhance your project with an element that posseses some of the most exclusive natural features, such as iridescence, luminosity or -in the specific case of labradorit-, the iridescent effect, which transmits to the human eye a sparkle of flashes of different colors, ranging from blue, to violet, from green, to yellow and orange; colors that alternate and change constantly whenever the observer moves.

These characteristics make them real unique elements that integrate harmoniously, whatever their contextuality, modern or classic, making most of the uniqueness of each piece, since each stone has its own history and light.
Many companies have so far decided to increase the value of their products by relying on OBSYDIAN to ensure that their unique projects become inimitable.

Obsydian stone inserts can be set; just like the diamaants become the precious detail to enhance every type of surface.
They reach their maximum splendor on vertical or horizontal supports, creating design geometries and elegant combinations of different materials.
The special manufacturing process allows the stone to be applied to any rigid base, be it wood, metal, slate or marble.

It can also be used as an insert to embellish knobs, handles or taps.
Just like for precious stones, the obsydian stone is discovered in small quantities inside the sedimentation layers of the earth, and once extracted from the deposits it is very small.
It is possible to apply the stones in the form of rods, cabochons, convex surfaces.
The maximum dimensions of the realizations that can be carried out, do not present limits, except those due to the realization times derived from a mosaic application.

The best design studios and companies have chosen to enhance their pieces with inserts in original obsidian stones; among these, Smania and Roberto Giovannini.
For their precious details, labradorite was used, with its natural iridescence that characterizes it, which, enhanced by the mosaic work, makes these elements become works of art.