RARO MILANO | Only One Group

Beauty at the service of technology
There is a time that belongs to all of us, that we keep in our deepest memories and from which we have inherited the archetypal perfection.
A dimension of the intellect from which we inspire our ideals of purity and a remote time that forged rare materials, icons of an uncontaminated nature to which we tend.
Raro intends to propose a selection of products in which innovation coexists with memory, in which technology is supported by the human dimension, in which precious materials are enhanced by a quality know-how handed down by generations of masters.
Objects that respond to the new needs of a contemporary society that is increasingly symbiotic with digital devices and that at the same time recognises and appreciates the quality of good manufacturing with precious materials made to last over time.
That’s how Enki wireless charging pad collection was born, designed by the Atelier Design Lab duo in Milan. Joe Gentile and Fabio Crippa have an authorial approach to design guided by aesthetic sensibility, passion for the material, refinement and formal flair, deep technical culture and international vision.
In each project, the search for this immaterial bridge between past and present is constant, this desire for
continuity of the typically Italian artistic culture contaminated with fashion, with architecture, with cultural influences from all over the world.
Enki is a capsule collection of induction chargers made of semi-precious natural materials, available in seven different semi-precious stones that can be combined with three differentmetal finishes.
Enki and Enki+ are distinguished by the different technological setup: with single or double induction charging coil. The product variety allows a very wide range of combinations, intended for an audience that demands exclusiveness and refinement. Objects with a strong personality, which in addition to functional performance, conquer the scene and give character to the entire environment where they are placed.
The carefully selected materials range from Malachite to Amethyst, from Amazonite to Tiger’s Eye, passing through Sodalite, Red Jasper and iridescent Labradorite. The metallic finishes are obtained from a galvanic bath of gold, silver or gunmetal steel, subsequently hand-polished as in the best jewellery.
All Raro products are made in Italy through a controlled production chain that combines advanced electronic components with fine craftsmanship.
This Slow Tech model guarantees quality technological products, designed to create value over time. The product is made in Italy by high manufacturing companies, able to work hard stones at unprecedented thicknesses that allow full compatibility with the electromagnetic transfer of induction technology.
The Original Obsydian Stone brand guarantees the processing of semi-precious materials according to advanced craftsmanship processes carefully refined over time.
The naturalness of the materials, never identical to themselves, makes every Raro product unique and unrepeatable.
Red jasper is an opaque sedimentary stone formed by quartz containing iron atoms, which give the mineral its sought-after red tinges, often enriched by light or dark veins. The mineral may originate from sponges and siliceous shells of diatoms, unicellular algae that appeared in the Cretaceous period.
Tiger’s eye is a type of microcrystallinequartz with variations of brown and copper with yellow or gold veins. The streaks determine the uniqueness of this mineral, in which crocidolite fibers create magnificent light effects. These blends grant a wild and impetuous touch to the mineral, whose lustre and reflections, called “chatoyancy”, recall the colour of the iris of the tiger which inspired the name.
Sodalite, as its name suggests, is a sodium silicate belonging to the family of volcanic stones formed by the
cooling and solidification of liquid magma. Its dull blue-gray colour with white feldspar shadows seem to reveal a glimpse of the depths of the abyss in their ever-changing motion.
Labradorite is a mineral of a grey-greenish colour to be found in various igneous rocks. Its charm comes from its “labradorescence”, a sparkle of metallic reflections of green, purple, blue, gold and orange, a vivid colour that changes on the entire surface of the stone. The light with its refraction molds itself onto any element and returns in iridescent reflections and multiple shades, determining multifaceted perceptions.
Amazonite, also known as “Amazon stone”, is a rare mineral that is almost entirely extracted in the area of the Ural mountains in Russia from granite rocks.
Its shades of green are fascinating, ranging from pale to brilliant turquoise, often enriched with white veins: a shining purity, like crystalline waters bathed in sunshine luring you to dive into.
Iron eye is an opaque variety of quartz composed of layers of red jasper, hematite and tiger’s eye that merged together over 2 billion years ago, during the formation of the Australian continent. The characteristic yellow, red and gray-black streaks arise from the combination of the three elements giving it an unequalled elegance.
Amethyst is a quartz found in geodes, cavities present within igneous rocks. The mineral was already known in Egypt and Mesopotamia since 3000 BC. Its shades of purple, which vary from very pale lilac to intense purple, are ascribed to the presence of iron. The luster is glassy and the purple flashes are shrouded in the mystery of the mists of time.