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The fine line between tradition and elegance

Salda is not just the story of a company, but it’s the story of a family – the Besana family that has made passion its raison d’être, quality a value, and manufacturing experience a true heritage to be preserved.
Salda was founded in the early 19th century when Arcangelo Besana and his wife, who had been decorators for the Austrian royal family for some time, started a craft business producing furniture and accessories for the grand  residences of the French nobility.
In the heart of Brianza, the Italian furniture district, lies Salda, a maison with over 140 years of experience in designing and producing classic style furniture. A family-run business for five generations, Salda has passed down the secret rules of “state-of-the-art” testing combinations of styles and following the latest trends.
A creative boutique, active almost all over the world, with its unique and personalized creations even in the smallest details.
Salda is a cutting-edge company whose richness lies in the ability to reinterpret and personalize tradition to create a unique atmosphere in warm and elegant homes.
Manufacturing skills merge with creative research into new forms, patterns, materials, and furnishing techniques to preserve the original and natural style of Salda’s furniture and, above all, to create new trends. The creation of each piece of furniture begins with authentic designs that have been preserved for generations in the factory and have been reinterpreted over the years. A precious historical archive, with many authentic designs, proves to be a source of inspiration for customers who desire special objects.
The love for quality and craftsmanship is part of its DNA. The awareness of the great opportunities offered by the global market has not changed the company’s philosophy: today, as in the past, the love for “handmade” and passion for precision and research guide every activity.
From Salda, research and quality are tools used to differentiate over time, to be current, and to write the future. That’s why Salda continues to choose to invest in the talent of men and not in the speed of machines.
That’s why it continues to produce in Italy, the land of quality and creativity that offers the possibility to customize every piece of furniture in the smallest details.
That’s why Salda chooses to preserve the genuineness of the noble artisan workshops of the past, which pay great attention to the details and quality of every single piece.
The authenticity and exclusivity of each creation are guaranteed by special details: the SALDA brand, the unique code, and the quality certificate. The artisanal processing ensures a high level of customization, which is a grace for beauty lovers. That’s why even the most demanding customers have always found in Salda’s collections a subtle elegance with extraordinary versatility, which can be adapted to different needs and contexts. Salda’s creations fit perfectly into the environment in which they live since they are characterized by a pure and timeless style.
Wood, which is the protagonist of every piece of Salda furniture, is appreciated and revered for its unique characteristics and is worked with natural materials and low-impact techniques.
Salda furnishings are created only from fine woods, carved, upholstered, and decorated by the hands of the best Italian cabinetmakers, upholsterers, and inlayers.
Salda’s design and production center has always been in Italy. This has not prevented the company from opening up to the world market, consolidating its presence in traditional markets and standing out in emerging ones. Today, it is possible to find Salda in more than 27 countries.
In recent years, Salda has significantly increased its presence and is currently planning further development so that Salda can be considered a cutting-edge and world-class company, well-regarded for attention to detail, elegance of forms, and the history behind its brand, which is synonymous with tradition and modernity.
In every product line, you can find the special touch of the Brianza furniture masters and the best Italian designers and decorators.