Sergio Villa Mobilitaly is a line of furniture born from the thirty-year collaboration between the Swiss architect Carlo Rampazzi and the decoration studio of Sergio Villa, in Brianza.

The company operates at the highest levels in the international field and produces a series of collections and unique pieces in which elements of the cultural tradition and elements of contemporary life flow.

A furnishing tailoring workshop based on a seductive uniqueness, realized through the constant search for a design full of artistic values, sophisticated artisan techniques and high decoration, corroborated by constant research and continuous innovation of techniques, created by Sergio Villa and subsequently made available to the creative ability of Carlo Rampazzi.

A real system, made of creativity and technique that constantly evolves in the name of formal beauty and the highest and most comfortable meaning of living.

The creative force is the real driving force of Sergio Villa Mobilitaly’s activity, which is inspired in his proposals, to a series of essential values ​​including color, which is a fundamental element: new combinations come to life through color combinations and combinations forms and creative ideas.

The creation of timeless unique pieces is the point of convergence of sensitivity, taste, intuition, anticipation of styles, forms and fashions. Everything is combined with extreme care for detail and precision in execution.

The company is constantly evolving; commitment, discipline, perseverance and determination are the stimulus to never give up and always be at the forefront.
Sergio Villa products are unique, exclusive and often provocative; they are pieces of art that make a room unique, stimulating, intriguing and reflecting the people who live there.

Working with enthusiasm and passion, fun and excitement, the team manages to conceive and produce products that excite.

The provocation, which involves courage and risk, supports and stimulates to embrace change and transformations, allowing the company to always be at the forefront and not only in step with the times, but even anticipating them.

The intrinsic value perceived in all the products of Sergio Villa Mobilitaly is an expression of refinement, refinement, style details and love for beauty, which are found in all sensory aspects, unique and inimitable.

The furniture by Sergio Villa Mobilitaly, although so characterized in its forms, can be adapted to any type of environment thanks to the versatility of colors and finishes.

It is not in fact pieces made in series: each piece of furniture is produced to order by the customer, who can then choose the type of finish and color that he or she feels best and that best fit the target environment.

In fact, Carlo Rampazzi and Sergio Villa believe that the environments in which we live should be comfortable, and an environment is comfortable if you live it as yours.

Furniture and furnishings can therefore be a sort of “emanation” of ourselves, like the extension of a dress we love and in which we feel at ease, whatever our personality and taste, “minimal” or “maximal”.