k-over the added value | Only One Group

K-over is an exclusive product for exclusives customers. Our covers are the perfect solution to keep cold your precious bottles of wine and champagne without losing attention to style.
It is a completely new product and its value is enriched by the possibility of full customization.
Our desire is to create an object that perfectly meets the requirements of our clients and that lasts over time.
Our K-overs, thanks to their versatility, can be used in different occasions. That is why it is possible to distinguish four different product lines.

Covers belonging to this line are precious works of art. Each product is handcrafted by professional master goldsmiths and by promises of the Italian craftsmanship.
We will guide the client through the entire designing process: from the choice of the theme to the selection of the fittest artist. All our products are made in Silver 999 and their value is documented by a certificate that will be realised at the purchase. Every K-over will be classified in our catalogue that is always available for consulting.

This K-over is thought for those that are not only looking for a new piece of furniture, but also for an investment. Indeed, the products belonging to this line are entirely made in gold 24kt.
Each cover has been realized so that non-precious components can be easily removed. At any time, by unscrewing the screws at the basis of the K-over, it is possible to isolate the gold body. The opportunity of disinvestment is immediate.
Moreover, we reserve the right of repurchase the gold at the LME’s values.

These covers are designed with a special attention to style and trends. Thanks to the possibility of customization, the cover can be harmonized with the space in which it will be used. K-over is perfect for luxurious locations such as yachts, villas, castles and private jet. To offer the best product possible, all K-overs Design are realized in collaboration with well-known interior designers.

Unique oeuvres to celebrate meaningful events. This kind of K-Over was thought to celebrate and crystallize a moment over time.
The fact that the K-over is entirely made of solid precious metal makes it eternal and usable at any time. The cover then becomes a memory, a witness of a beautiful moment.
Also in this case the production approach is aimed at maximum customization: we listen to the desires and suggestions of our customers and make them real constantly updating him.