Being able to describe our own world and decipher what distinguishes us and makes us unique. Why we have to accept to homologate us to all the others? Why can’t we tell our story?
It is necessary to devote our efforts to creating something unique, which is intended only for us and is able to belong to us completely The Fidelio world bases its roots on this concept; Fidelio is synonymous with combination: customizable, unique, personalized…
Each object becomes a pioneer in this new category, the customizable; where the customer is at the center, and all the objects are molded in the details, colors, finishes and reflections, to indulge the soul of those who will have to own them.

This whiskey cabinet is a secret treasure chest, capable of keeping within itself a moment of meditation and relaxation, this particular combination is inspired by the evocative golden reflections of Rum. The casing like a barrique, with the warm tones of smoked zebrano wood, encloses a living heart in mustard lacquer and bronzed mirror.
Upon opening it unfolds completely, revealing a core that illuminates the processing of the Rum crystals and the details in bronzed brass.

Here we see a combination on the whiskey cabinet with a wow effect interior, the casing is in tiger white wood and when closed it returns a neutral effect with the surrounding environment.
The detail of the blue top in precious Lapis Lazuli, however, betrays something unexpected…
Upon opening, the skin literally “peels”, revealing an energetic soul, with an intense blue color, also reflected in the details in the stitched leather of the drawers, inside we find ampoules of all kinds, drinks … magic filters … of various shapes and colors, are reflected infinite times with a play of colors emphasized to the maximum by the dichroic mirror that gives reflections and glimpses of rainbow colors.
In the two images below, the “Long coffe” coffee table in two versions, the same object declined in two different souls lends itself to a modern corner of a loft with artworks or to a neoclassical taste, with gold details and lacquered paneling with blue inserts.
The first version in polished chrome with a very precious Obsydian labradorite top, gives amazing reflections that are always different from every angle, reacting to the light and capturing the scene like an art piece.
The gold version is softened by the satin finish of the structure, the top is in blue onyx and hides an internal part with a tone-on-tone lacquered compartment.