In this special feature of OnlyOne we’ll talk about a love story.

What is the meaning of a love story within one publishing that deals with bespoke luxury in design and lifestyle?

When we fall in love, all the world looks brighter, we are pervaded by new energy, we see and accentuate the positive side of things. The person we fell in love with it turns out to be perfect to our eyes.

The truth is that when we falling in love, we assimilate every feature, every detail making it ours. For all intents and purposes, each distinctive trait there it belongs.We remain strongly tied to everything we identify as a unique feature, and associate it every nuance of uniqueness to an identity trait.

In the same way, in the world of luxury the added value is the sense of belonging, the ability to own something that was made solely for us, something that no one elsein the world can have.

To make that perception of value regarding a luxury product be full and engaging, we must leave the way to this idea to settle down. In particular it is necessary to participate in the process: live the phase of choice, let yourself be pervaded by emotions, understand all the details and define which ones are the most adequate to represent us.

Creating a unique product is like rebuilding a self-image, it is a process of self-understanding which leads us to choose something that really can belong to us and with which to establish a strong bond.

The moment you decide to invest when you choose a bespoke product you invest in time, you don’t buy only an object but a path of emotions able to give us a fullness that any another choice would not have allowed us.

A tailor-made experience for us it is made up of details, a sum of micro-emotions able to build something unique.

These small originality come together in an inimitable memory. Just like a parfume, it is made of many faces: important and recognizable notes, to a more or less complex series of other small accents everything is wisely balanced, to create something indelible.

And just like the parfume, extreme and characteristic; even more than images binds to the deepest part of our memories sremaining forever connected.