What description would you be willing to attribute to the concept of luxury.

This word is often associated with ideas of opulence and ostentation.

In the collective imagination, luxury is represented by conformation to canon sand minimum requirements, so rigid as to render us incapable of distinguishing one from the other. Today everything is reachable, even at the highest levels; it is no longer enough to “be on top”, when at the top there is room for anyone.

The urgency to look for what is truly unattainable arises, at any cost.
In this new value system the most reserved and exclusive niche is hidden behind a single common denominator: The uniqueness.

There is a secret universe, in which all the realities capable of creating something exclusive are grouped together. Each capable of expressing the most authentic version of you, distinguishing you and making you unreachable.

OnlyOne is a key to accessing this threshold of uniqueness, embracing with periodic publications and transversal, the themes of art and lifestyle design, with the common characteristic of one-off or limited series productions. The highly select readers who can have Only One, and participate in the events of the Only One group, will have a preferential passage to an unreachable world, hidden behind the walls of conformity.

Regular publications and all the activities that will take place will increasingly strengthen the positioning of this niche in a global horizon.

With extreme pride we can say that we are the first to give an identity to this specific category, which will increasingly represent the only variation of excellence in the future.